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Grounds Maintenance

As my third lawn mower started getting weak and my fourth weed eater conked out, the drive head gear broke and the dealer wanted $75 for the part, I wondered how people cut grass prior to the invention of these modern gadgets of convenience. It dawned on me that obviously people have been cutting grass for hundreds if not thousands of years and that they used a scythe or something similar.

I looked into it and decided that was the ticket. No moving parts. I believe in the adage that the simplest solution is the best and most elegant. People are still using it, even here in the US.
Grass cutting with a scythe at YouTube.

I've seen scythes for sale on the local Craigslist as antique barn ornaments that I think would have worked but I opted for a new unit from Mystic Prairie. It's surprisingly light and easy for a complete novice like me to learn with. It works amazingly well, faster than using a weed eater.


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