Rural Survival

Personal Safety

Safety in numbers

Personal safety I believe is best achieved by banding together with like minded local people. Safety is in numbers and common sense. I do not think it is possible for one family to do it all when things get really tough for a prolonged period of time. Murphy's Law states that anything that can possibly go wrong, does.

It is said that for an average American family to maintain their comfort level if all of their modern conveniences are taken away, meaning no power, would require four full time slaves to compensate.

The solution I believe is to simplify one's life and form an alliance or a network of family, friends and neighbors that are on the same wave length and share resources, labor and ideas. The key is having something to contribute, to barter, a skill, a service or a resource that are needed and can be helpful to others.


I see guns as liquid assets similar to precious metals. Very desirable to have as a commodity. They don't lose value over time and are a better store of wealth than dollars. They are also great bartering items.

Up here ownership of guns are a foregone conclusion. I don't know anyone who doesn't have a gun. I have two rifles, a .303 British Enfield with a scope and a .30-30 Winchester lever action carbine and two revolvers, a .38 S&W revolver and a .44 magnum revolver. I fire them maybe once every five years or so to just make sure they work and to clean. I've accumulated them over the years through trades.

As for having guns for protection up here is a far fetched idea in my view. There is nothing in the woods around here that can realistically threaten a person. Maybe a black bear mom with cubs surprised or an aging cougar on the prowl for an easy meal can be dangerous but chances of encountering a scenario like that are what, one in a thousand at best? Besides being fully armed at all times is a ridiculous concept except maybe in a known grizzly bear domain in Alaska.

The idea of defending your home with guns against marauding mobs is dellusional also. Maybe in an inner city or even the suburbs but not out in the country. I can't see it happening. It won't nearly be easy for the mob as running to a local Walmart and jumping through a smashed store front window. Why would they even make the effort to come here when gas goes above $7 a gallon plus the correct general assumption that people out in country all have guns and know how to use them.

Guns to poach for food can work in an emergency situation but not long term as a way to eat. Fishing will give much better results. The only time I was glad to have a gun was when I was compelled to dispatch a beloved dog who was suffering from terminal illness and a sudden onset of great pain.




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